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The Gaffle Network: What's Yours Is Mine.

Introducing, the ultimate solution to everything you need, and everything you don't. Supplies limited to what's on hand, or in pocket. So get yours before we do.

Here at, we believe that it's people that make the difference. A friendly smile, taking the time to truly find the right piece, are all just part of the master plan to take, rather, bring, a better product, and all this can be done right from the convenience of your own home.

Static: always exactly the same; never advancing in anyway whatsoever.

If you wanna find all the cops the're hanging out in the donut shop, and when they are not there they are in

Check out the Best of Email from, and Peruvian Congressman David Villanueva Nuņez's letter to Microsoft Peru is also a GREAT read.

Huh? Robot Versus Monkey? Monkey Versus Robot (local copy here)?

Gaffle recommends that you fly delta, or something.

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